Eat & Drink

Fresh Cocktails

Summer’s not complete without a fruity cocktail by the beach. Enjoy the premium spirits, bespoke blends and natural ingredients found in the Cicada cocktail collection.


Eating well!

Farm to table, sea to table. Enjoy the finest cuts of beef, from a Ribeye Black Angus and Beef Fillet from the Omaha Collection, to an exclusive T-bone Fiorentine. Give in the freshly caught Aegean seafood served grilled, carpaccio or ceviche style!


Cocktails & Drinks

Experience a harmonious blend of traditional and modern mixology as classic spirits meet innovative twists. Indulge in the artistry of our beverages, where every sip is a journey through taste and creativity.

Delicious Burgers

Everyone’s favourite beachside snack. Fuel your adventures in the Cretan sea with our prime burgers and tasty refreshments. Sometimes, classic is best.


Take A Break With Shisha

Infuse your Cicada experience with the heady aromas of premium shisha. Fragrant, artisanal and infinitely luxurious, elevate your dining experience with this timeless tradition.


International Cuisine

The best of the world is brought to your table at Cicada. From Mediterranean classics to the favourites of global gastronomy, journey through flavour in a chilled out boho-chic environment.


Your summer haven of rejuvenation

Cretan flavors with international
notes and aromas

Authentic Mediterranean gastronomy