Cicada Lounge Bar

Infused with the heady aromas of the Cretan landscape, Cicada Lounge Bar is a breezy retreat for al-fresco relaxation, premium cocktails and exclusive Shisha options. Illuminated by the sun trickling through burlap canopies, raw materials & organic architecture create a naturally chilled out lounge area.

Cicada Coffee Area

Wake up to the beaming sun and freshly brewed coffee at our Cicada Coffee Area. Artisanal roasts, fresh fruits and the energising kiss of the sea breeze come together for the perfect wake up call.


Cicada Restaurant

The spirit of bohemian lifestyle blends with contemporary Mediterannean flavours at Cicada Restaurant. Enjoy all-day dining in a laid back environment, serenaded by the natural soundscape of the nearby beach.

Where land meets sea, where nature meets cuisine, endless gastronomic adventures await at Cicada.

Cicada Sushi

Fresh seafood, cutting edge techniques and Eastern infusions make Cicada Sushi the ultimate cosmopolitan culinary destination. Taste the Mediterranean as it’s stylised by the Japanese imagination.


Cicada Beach Area

Golden sand, blue waters and spacious beachside sunbeds make the Cicada Beach Area the perfect place to retreat to nature.

Indulge in signature cocktails, light snacks and refreshments while relaxing on one of the most chic shorelines in Crete.


Where the gentle waves lap you up

Indulge in authentic Cretan cuisine

Signature cocktails and
refreshing delights

Kick off your summer
evening with sultry vibes

A sensual ambience to unwind